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Its not a competition...

This April its Caesarean Awareness i thought i would share this post i wrote last year after Odelia was born.

To the person who said that it's my fault I am in the position I am ( i got Ogilvy syndrome, then my bowel perforated and i had an emergency Hemicolectomy and was in hospital for nearly a month without Odelia) because I chose the easy way out by having an elective C section...

There is no easy way out. Natural labour is hard, I know I have had 3 natural births with no drugs. C-sections are just as hard in a totally different way. I personally found my 2 c sections the hardest.

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The Arc Assistant Safety Stool

Have you guys seen these before?

Odelia is finally big enough to use her ARC NZ BABY Arc assistant.
We have been putting her in her high chair while we cook and all she does is try and stand up which is super dangerous so this is perfect for her.
She loved the fact she can stand and I love the fact she is safe and I don't need to worry.

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Not looking after myself and struggling with PND

So many tears writing this....

So I have had over the past month a few different comments or messages from people who follow me saying things like...
"You have really let yourself go"
"Your so uninspiring..i mean look at you"
"You arent looking after yourself "
"You should take more care in your apperance"
"I cant believe your husband hasn't left you already" 
"You should be called fat with 5"
And so on.
Alot of what people have said is things I already feel about myself.

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ParentingSera Lilly