How to enjoy cooking healthy and working out


Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore and neither does working out! 

I always hear people say - 

  • “healthy eating is too hard”

  • “I hate cooking”

  • “it’s impossible to cook for one“

  • “going to the grocery store pains me”

  • “it’s too expensive to cook at home when I usually end up throwing out ingredients before I can even use them”

  • “there’s no way I could make and follow a meal plan”

Does this sound like you… 

If It does sound like you then I have just the steps you need to put in place so you can start your journey to healthy, easy home cooked meals!

If you want to enjoy cooking, you need to start out with something that is rewarding to you. Start out by learning and mastering your favourite food. Whether that is pizza, ice cream, pancakes, or stir-fry. It doesn't matter.

For me, I started with breakfast foods. Simple, just eggs, bacon, and potatoes, etc. Eventually, realising that I really wanted to know how to make easy professional pizza (real hit with the kids). As you become more experienced and you optimize/organise your kitchen/tools/food storage abilities, it will become less of a chore and become easier and easier. It also helps to make sure you have the basic things you'll need. Proper tools (not the least of which should be a quality knife or two), food storage containers/bags, spices & herbs etc. 

All that being said, here are 5 of my favourite tips for Actually Enjoying Cooking: 

Know the basics: Knowing a few basic cooking methods will make your life infinitely easier! 

  1. Set up your kitchen: Have the right tools so your kitchen is set up for success.

  2. Pick favourites – do you have any favourite meals or recipes? Keep those in the weekly rotation.

  3. Experiment – Try something new! New vegetables or different cooking methods. Vary your cooking methods: steam, bake, grill, roast, etc

  4. Skip the self-criticism: mistakes in the kitchen are bound to happen, take it easy on yourself and learn from your mistakes!


How do I enjoy working out, even when I really don’t want to?

This one for me is a lot easier than the cooking part, the beauty of working out is all that matters is getting the heart rate up. How do I do that you ask?

One thing that really works well is actually identifying exercises I enjoy, there’s no point doing something that you don’t like if it's just going to defeat you before you even start. Consistency is the key! Get in there and do your favourite exercises, find what works for you and stick at it.

Another thing is music, music is probably my saviour when it comes to working out and I find that I also really enjoy putting together workout lists. The combo of music I like along with exercises I like means that it becomes something I enjoy and actually want to do.

And the final and I think the most important tip is to realise “consistency beats intensity!” I will say it again “consistency beats intensity!” Don’t beat yourself up because you don’t think you had a good workout be happy that you did it regardless, you are better off to have gotten in there and done something you enjoy 4 days out of 5 then to have gone and blown yourself out doing a crazy workout full of exercise that destroys you 2 times in the week. So, in short, be consistent, do what you love, and enjoy the journey. It may sound cliche but its a marathon, not a sprint!

Darren Nguyen