Mum guilt....


Today has been a super emotional day for me. I don’t know whether it’s because we leaving in a few days to go to Fiji without the kids for a week? Or what made me so upset
But I feel guilty. 

I’m not a perfect mum and if I’m really honest I struggle to parent. It’s not something that has ever come naturally to me and I have to work really hard at it. I don’t enjoy it a lot of the time. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids to bits but I am not a Natural born mum and that’s ok. 
I wish I was super organised and had meals planned. I wish I took my kids out for bike ride‘s on the weekends and didnt have to work.. And some days I just feel really guilty when I see so many mums doing that on Instagram.
Watching what appears from the outside to be so many mums who look like they are enjoying parenting and having their shit together has been hard for me recently and today I guess with all the guilt I feel about going about I broke. I couldn’t stop crying. Why couldn’t I be that mum who had my shit together??

After I shared on instagram how I was feeling I got hundreds and hundreds of messages from other mums telling me all the things they wish they did with the kids. 
Mums who said they never read to their kids at night. Mums who never sat and had dinner with the kids or who haven’t gone to any of the school functions because they either didn’t want to or had work. Two felt guilty that they didn’t even know the kids friends names at school because they’re just so busy with other kids and life. 

This is when I realised that we all parent in completely different ways. 
None of us are perfect. We all have a different style of parenting and different things that are important to us. 
Just because I don’t sit and play Playdoh with odelia or take my kids for a bike ride that doesn’t make me a bad mum just as it doesn’t make someone who doesn’t read books every night to their kids or the person or the mother doesn’t and can’t go to school things that does not make us bad mums. 
We are all trying our best and sometimes we feel our best isn’t good enough. I know that social media has made me feel like that and I really hope that I never make you feel like that. 
We only tend to see that little window of someone’s day that they want us to see. We don’t see the tears, we don’t see the tantrums , we don’t seem to screaming kids or the fights with our partners who end up sleeping on the couch for the night or two 😉

Basically I just wanted to share how I feel because I know I’m not the only one.
I wanted to tell you and remind you ,yes you that you are doing an incredible job. You are amazing and do not compare your parenting and your journey to anyone else’s because you are doing what you need to do.

Us mums need to stick together. We need to support each other and not judge if we have differing opinions on how to parent our kids. There is enough shit in this world tearing us apart let’s not let our differing opinions of parenting be one of them

Im off for a shower and a cup of cleanse tea before I finish packing some orders 


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