Just keep going! Yes you! I am talking to you....


So what if this is the 120th attempt to lose weight?!It doesn’t matter how long it takes you or how many times you ‘fail’ - use everything you have learnt from all the times you haven’t been unsuccessful to help you succeed. 
Who cares what others say about the fact your have tried so many times before. 
That is what life is about. Trying but never giving up. My weight and food with be something I willl battle my whole life.

If I had $1 for every time people have said here we go again when I have started again to lose weight - I would be a millionaire!! 

The amount of horrible messages and jokes people made about me when I launched a fitness app at times overwhelming but I know I am not alone and I wanted to stand up for all of us that struggle and will always have to work hard with their weight and food. I want women like myself to know you aren’t alone and we can do this together 🦋

Don’t listen to those negative people who are just trying to bring you down. 
Work out what works for you. Try a bunch of different eating styles and exercises and see what you enjoy because if you want to make it a permanent lifestyle change you need to enjoy it!
I mean you don’t buy the first car you see without testing it out so why is this any different. We all suit different eating styles.

It’s not about being perfect it’s about never ever giving up no matter how long it takes you to reach your goal

I am not even half way to my goal but I am on track. I am slowly each day focusing on eating as well as I can by following my Fit with Sera Lilly meal plan and getting some exercise in & I have the Detox powder and cleanse tea and it’s working. Slowly we are chipping away and I am seeing the person I know I want to be.



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