This isn't easy to share....


I'm struggling at the moment..Not just with the fact my gunt is out in this pic..fml!

Anyone else struggling and in a rut?
I won't lie, i am struggling big time at the moment with my own journey (feeling like my weight is not moving) I feel the size of a house at the moment and my PND has flared up a little which does make it harder for me. I have been self sabotaging and found old bad habits sneaking back into my life.

My physically health is always the worst when my mental health is bad.
I have dieted for years and i swear every child i have had it has become harder and harder to get the weight off. 
I wish my body just bounced back but it doesnt it just bounces - GUNT and

I have sat down and worked out what needs to change as something has to give if i am to reach my goals. 
I need to change a few things around. Go to sleep earlier, get up earlier. 
So i have decided i am changing my routine so that i can get my daily cardio and workout it. It wont be easy but i need to do this and more importantly i WANT to do this.
I need to meal prep my meals from the Fit with Sera Lilly app and book in my 3x a week PT with my trainer Vatani's Strength and Fitness so i have no excuse for not going. 
I also need to say no more. This is something i struggle and always have. I am so one who wants to do it all and i simply can't. I am doing everything at 50% and i really need to give a few things up so i can focus on my main passions and give them 100%

So this is my Mid year life crisis wake up call.
I will be posting more and more on snapchat about how i am going, meals, workouts etc. So if you want to follow please do. I dont want to get to december and be at the same weight and fitness that i am at now.

I spend so much of my time putting others before myself that I need to be a tad more selfish and put me first. 

How can we love and look after others if we don't look after ourselves?