Post Baby Body talk..

You spend 40 weeks pregnant. 
40 weeks watching what you eat, making sure you get enough sleep, taking your multi vitamins and doing everything you can to give your child the best start you possibly can.

There are hundreds of books out there about pregnancy and babies but the one thing they dont talk about it the effects pregnancy will have on your body and more importantly your self esteem. How you will feel after you give birth.
No one tells you about the haemoroids, the saggy stretch mum pouch, the hair loss (post baby) The fact is your body will never be the same again. Even if you lose the weight, your shape and skin are never the same. 
I have a huge Gunt/ apron and I don't think it will ever go away without surgery.

When i stare in the mirror its not the same pre pregancy body starring back at me and its taking me a while to accept this and learn to love my body again. If i dont love myself how can i accept love?

I want you to know that its ok to not love your body all the time. Its ok to feel uncomfortable in your skin or not be used to what you see staring back at you in the mirror post baby.
We need to stop comparing our bodies to the images we see in the media. We need to not stress if 6 week, 6 months or 6 years later we still arent back in our pre pregancy jeans! We need to be kind to ourselves. 
I am lucky to be here after having an emergency right hemicolectomy 10 days after having her. 
I have been left with a huge scar which has caused ripples in my skin on my stomach. I used to always have a pretty flat stomach (even when i was bigger) and now i wont ever get that back. 
Now i am not saying i care more about having a flat stomach than being alive but i am allowing myself to feel what i am currently feeling and work through it. 
For me my scar brings back horrible painful memories that i know will fade over time hopefully like my scar.

So my advice is to be be patient. Ignore that friend who, by some crazy miracle, returned to their pre pregancy weight right away. Also don't put them down if they do.
We are all different and so are our post baby journeys. Move your body. Eat nourishing healthy food. Sleep when you can and if you want cake!! ♡