Anyone else argue over how to parent?

For everyone who says that me and hubby so perfect and how do we not fight..we do fight! Not often but we still do have fights 

Do you what is hard.. parenting and agreeing on how to parent!!

Most of the time me and hubby parent conhesively and 95% of time it works out but every now and then we disagree with how the other has handled a situation with the kids. 
It's so hard because we were both raised in totally different ways and believe that we both know which is the right way to raise the kids.

This is what happened tonight. All the kids ended up in bed early and upset. I am sitting in my room crying. Having a i dont want to be married moment (it will pass as I love him more than anything but it's normal to have those passing thoughts when you fight)
Parenting and relationships are hard work. 
Probably doesn't help that I am hormonal and it's that time of the month...

Hubby ended up going out for a drive to clear his head. He just came home and apologised for being a c#@t (his words) and brought me my fav drink and chips!

We hugged and both cried. I'm struggling (pnd & ptsd) and he.sais hes struggling too with stuff going on and stuff from the past as well as having a partner who has pnd. 
So we are going to try and help each other more and make a plan. 
Maybe do some counselling..cause let's be honest if i am as fucked as I am from what I went through it must have affected him by watching me go through it and not be able to fix it. Being told you wife might die has got to.take a toll on you. 

So I'm going to sit in bed watch shark tank on YouTube and eat my emotional away..

Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start