This journey to health is hard...


Some days i see massive changes in my body other day I feel I am the biggest I have ever been. Some days I feel like giving up.
But the one this I know is that giving up isn't an option. 
You only have one body and one life.
I have 5 kids and a hubby who need me. 
I need to be the healthiest I can be for them as well as myself.
I want to live and healthy and active lifestyle and be a good roll model for my kids.

So over Easter remember to treat yourself and indulge in an egg (or three) because it’s soo important to remember that life is for enjoyment and we have to savour the little moments like Easter with our friends and family. 

Even though I’m really trying to be the healthiest version of myself for my family, I don’t want to do that at the expense of enjoying time with them on the journey. 

Happy Easter to you all!


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