Its not a competition...

This April its Caesarean Awareness i thought i would share this post i wrote last year after Odelia was born.

To the person who said that it's my fault I am in the position I am ( i got Ogilvy syndrome, then my bowel perforated and i had an emergency Hemicolectomy and was in hospital for nearly a month without Odelia) because I chose the easy way out by having an elective C section...

There is no easy way out. Natural labour is hard, I know I have had 3 natural births with no drugs. C-sections are just as hard in a totally different way. I personally found my 2 c sections the hardest. I tried to have a natural birth with Amalia (number 4) even went for manually turning as she was breech but my specialist wouldn't deliver a breech baby. I was gutted because i knew my body could do it. Once you have had a c section..most of the time if you have further pregnancies you will have another c section..

I don't really think it matters how you deliver your baby as long as you and your baby are healthy.

Why can't women stop competing..who cares if you had a natural birth and someone else chose a c-section ? It's like the Breast is Best debate which I don't agree with at all. FED is best !!!

So stop and think before you speak as words hurt!!

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